If you are ready to be seen and would like me to craft a video that shows you at your best, sharing your powerful ‘lionhearted‘ message with the world, here is how I work…

The Process

  1. We’ll set up a Skype conversation to discuss the vision you have for your business, and identify the end results you want to achieve with your videos.
  2. If we agree to work together, I’ll invoice you for a 50% deposit which includes:
    • An intuitive session with me to access the highest vision of who you are and the impact you can make in the world. This way we ensure that we have videos which work most effectively for you.
    • A 1-hour strategy session, with marketing expert DJ Sobanjo.
  3. We’ll set up a date for our video shoot – this can be done at your office, your home, or you can come to me. The shoot usually lasts for up to 4 hours.
  4. After the shoot, I’ll edit the videos to your satisfaction. Once the balance of your investment is paid, you’ll receive the High Definition completed versions through Dropbox.
  5. Then you get to play!

What You Get

The video interviews are a beautiful, profound and honouring exploration of a Client’s deepest and most authentic Self which in turn reveals the greatest gifts they bring to the world.

It’s through this truth that your message resonates with your true Clients. I often find we reveal a truth which even you don’t fully comprehend because to you it’s as natural as breathing.

The Standard Package includes:

  • A combination of sessions to help you identify your core message and how you package it.
  • A video shoot day which can include a short workshop to enable you to feel at home in front of the camera (a technique you can use on your own for any future videos you create).
  • A series of videos (welcome, sales/marketing, educational – depending on our agreed framework and structure) to help build your brand and establish your credibility and authority.

The Investment

To give you a frame of reference, the fee for my process is usually up to a maximum of £1,497 (c. $2,450), depending upon your specific requirements. However, if your budget is lower and you love my work then lets see whats feasible at that level of investment.

Before we proceed, we will agree the required investment and once your deposit is paid (50%), the date for your video shoot will be confirmed in my diary.

What People Say

“Since our video work first began I have been thrilled with Francesca’s approach. Right from the outset she has displayed a determination to stay true to our purpose and somehow capture that on camera in a unique way.

Her organisational abilities are first class as she never loses sight of the time, what needs to happen next and has a laser-like focus in clarifying what’s really important whilst at the same time putting you at your ease and bringing out a more natural style of delivery.

You also get this sense of passion and pride in her work which comes from a whole-hearted approach to what she does.

I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking to build their brand and story online and didn’t realise before working with her how much fun video capturing can actually be! ”

– Kath Roberts, Alchemy4theSoul

“Francesca filmed the videos for my website and I am delighted with the results! She was passionate and interested in my business and the filming; finding out what made me tick and therefore what potential clients would find interesting.

Having the videos on my website has definitely made an impact on my business. Many clients have told me that watching them helped make the decision to hire me easier, as they felt they had already met me and could trust me. This is essential as I offer such a personal service.

I can recommend Francesca to everyone with a business who wants to let the world know what it is that they do through a video.”

– Lizzie Edwards Personal Stylist & Image Consultant

“Francesca Cassini is a passionate interviewer and video maker. The first thing you get when you meet her is the feeling that everything is going to be easy and fuss-free. And it is!

She is so adept at capturing that side of you with ease but the absolutely best thing about her is the fact you feel safe to reveal yourself on camera with her, and my session was truly unique as I had my very own Nigella Moment being filmed while cooking”

– Lillian Ogbogoh, Sensuality discovery Specialist

Get in touch now to experience the magic of making a powerful video for your coaching business…


Who is DJ Sobanjo and why is there a session with him included in the standard package?

Good question. I want to make sure that you get the best advice and support to get your message rippling out. As I am not a marketing expert I decided to partner with a man who is passionate about supporting coaches in particular. In fact it’s because of him I have this site at all!

He usually charges £250 per session but has offered anyone who chooses to work with me, a session for free. (There is something in it for him, don’t worry).

Once you have received his input, as well as mine, you’ll have a well-rounded series of videos to use across your social media presence.

Are travel costs included in the fee?

If you’re based in the UK, travel fees are typically included in the price. However, depending upon your location and requirements, sometimes the time and fees will be adjusted accordingly. If you invite me to work with you overseas, I ask you to cover the cost of a return ticket and a night of accommodation.