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Share Your Uniqueness on Video – Special Celebratory Offer

I believe we all have access to our own ‘Muse’ and when we run an inspired business then we have our own ‘Business Muse’. It’s when we hear and listen to her whisper we are at our very best. We become inspired, passionate and share our deepest understanding and gifts. It is when we express ourselves beyond strategy, marketing and the bottom line.

How to be Engaging on Camera and Video Tip 4

Let your whole body talk! I know you’re professional and want to imbue a professional image but if you hold…

Why Have Video on your Website and Social Media?

More and more people are looking for professionals who are open, transparent, authentic. Hard to do this with text only. The truth is they want to know you can be vulnerable and authentic so that they can be. So how are you letting them see the real you online?

How To Be Engaging On Camera Tip 3

When it comes to sharing our wisdom on video then – mmmm, do we want to be of the pre-packaged persuasion, dumbed down, and ‘acceptablised’ or do we want to express our unique, bold and lionhearted selves?

How to be Engaging on Camera Tip 2

I’ve noticed that when we feel uncomfortable we either look away from the lens completely or use a distancing strategy of looking at the circular housing around the lens. Now this is a very subtle thing but I know it works as I can sense the difference in my own energy when I shift.

How To Be Engaging on Camera Tip 1

One of the reasons many people get in touch with me is because they don’t feel they really engage with…

Nutritional Dialogue and Capturing the Roar of the Lion

The art of the dialogue is to explore deeply but without taking sides or even trying to reach conclusions. Its a space to be truly heard and to listen effectively. When we know the listener is not trying to guide, judge or defend, the shared space becomes a safe haven for the heart to speak its truth.

The Impact of Doing What You Love

I love knowing what makes people tick – specifically the bit where they make a creative leap – from there…

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Lillian Ogbogoh

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