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How to be Engaging on Camera and Video Tip 4

Let your whole body talk!

I know you’re professional and want to imbue a professional image but if you hold yourself still (in videos or in person) in order ‘to appear professional’ you’ve already missed the point. If you as a coach have truly embodied your work, you can’t help but be a professional regardless of your clothes and your stage presence. These things only give you the appearance of professionalism and should never be mistaken for the real thing. The moment you give in to your anxiety and try to ‘be’ a certain way, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll be something else, and you’ll give off that vibe as surely as waving a white flag. Remember you have nothing to prove. Authentic video is simply letting people know who you are so the ‘right’ Clients can find you.

So this weeks tip is this:

Let your body talk too. 

This has to be in accordance with your true nature so check in with yourself. Think about the times you talk among friends about what really inspires you, fires you up, annoys you, fills you with injustice…..or even when you’re alone watching the news or a motivational Youtube video. Become aware of your body and its movements. When you feel ‘full’ of an emotion, does it come out through your fingertips, or do you clench it quiet?

Now think about the work you do, the value you bring your Clients, the spark which motivated you to learn the modality you use, or inspired you to create your own. Think about the courage it’s taken to follow your true path, step outside the matrix and share your truth with the world. If it doesn’t set you alight perhaps it’s not your true path after all.

When you’re in front of your camera, let the emotion of the end result you want to deliver to your Clients fill you up until you can feel it in your toes….and let your body move if it wants to. You don’t have to be a Jason Silva. You may only express through a tiny twitch of your finger which no one sees, but it will be clear you’re sharing your light.

This video is a great examples – it’s Jason Silva who I love watching and listening to. I find him totally compelling and engaging. What do you think?

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