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How To Be Engaging on Camera Tip 1

One of the reasons many people get in touch with me is because they don’t feel they really engage with people through their videos. One of my Clients thought she looked like she’d been abducted and was being held at gun point in front of the lens! They believe if they’re being interviewed, they’ll come across better. On the whole they’re right. It’s far easier to talk to a real live person and respond to their real live questions than look at a piece of technology thats not even alive and still come across engaging.

So what do you do apart from setting aside monthly cash flow for professional video services? And even if you did that, what about those moments of epiphany you want to share in the moment with your tribe?

When I first got the intuitive nudge to play with video I was frankly appalled.

‘Oh no, I hate being in front of a camera! I hate my double chin! I just come across horribly’, I wailed to myself. But the call of my intuition also told me the worst thing to happen was I’d simply delete the videos if I didn’t like them. No harm done.

I went for a walk along The Thames. I came home in rapture from the beauty of nature and decided I’d love to share that on camera.

I put my tripod on my coffee table (just a couple of inches higher than my eye-line so my double chin was a little less obvious!), set up the camera, framed myself as best I could, hit the record button and started talking. I loved it. I found great freedom in talking to no one in particular. I laughed, was silly, shared my deepest feelings of the morning. After all, the delete button was easy to hit.

Then I replayed. I winced, expecting to dislike what I saw….

I didn’t.

What I discovered is that the animated person recorded on the video is the ‘me’ people meet, and usually like. It was not the ‘me’ I see when I scrutinise myself with judgements in the mirror. On the video footage I saw a sparkling light in my eyes. I witnessed my enthusiasm, my passion, my innocence. And I burst in to tears.

It was a moment of revelation. I liked myself!

Creating your own video is a wonderful, therapeutic opportunity for you to see what other people love about you and respect about you. Once you get this new perspective the camera will stop being like the terrorist with a gun at your temple and will become your best friend. This little piece of technology is a brilliant piece of technology which can capture your heart and soul if you let it and share it with the world. How can you not love something which is clever enough and dedicated enough to do that?

So, ready to play?

1. Ideally use a camera which allows you to video without seeing yourself – you run the risk of becoming too self-conscious if you don’t.

2. Focus on a subject you love. It could be something funny your child, dog, cat or neighbour did this morning. It could be a weird dream you had last night. It could be the latest chapter of the book you’re writing, or a product you’re developing in your business. Choose anything which fills your heart and makes you want to share. Or even the silliest joke you’ve ever heard.

3. Turn the camera on and share the story as if you were amongst your best friends. Have fun. Be silly if thats relevant. Most importantly be you. Bring your passion, your fascination, your enthusiasm, bring it all to the game. It doesn’t matter at all if you stumble over a word, or forget what you want to say. This is something you never have to post if you don’t want to. This is just an exercise.

In the spirit of vulnerability this is a video from early 2013 when I was in a very rural part of France on my own. I was compelled to go to the woods and sing on camera. What on earth possessed me? I have no idea but I was high on the life flowing through me. As you’ll see I had such a laugh and I felt so energised afterwards. So here it is for you to see.

I’d love to know how you get on.


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