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Nutritional Dialogue and Capturing the Roar of the Lion

‘After the last two dinners you’ve made I feel different in my body and my mind’, he says.

‘Really?’ I ask, surprised and delighted. ‘Food made with love really hits the spot I think.’

‘And its the conversation around the table too. No TV on in the background, no rushing off to do something else.’

This is a powerful, yet really simple, truth – taking time to eat a home-cooked meal, prepared with love, and to eat it slowly over a table of open-hearted dialogue which explores whatever we choose to explore in the moment.

Layer upon layer of understanding revealed.            Nutritional Food

Layer upon layer of connection being built.

Layers to create a strong foundational causeway linking hearts across the room.

I’m staying for a week with a master of dialogue who doesn’t cook or eat very much.

The art of the dialogue is to explore deeply but without taking sides or even trying to reach conclusions. Its a space to be truly heard and to listen effectively. When we know the listener is not trying to guide, judge or defend, the shared space becomes a safe haven for the heart to speak its truth. A deeply validating space of authenticity and vulnerability. It allows us to open up to be more of who we truly are.

Whenever I stay here I love the experience of creating in the kitchen – simple, down to earth food which reminds us both of our childhood. My feminine nurturing essence is kindled and I love the ‘me’ I bring to the table along with the food.

Its a nutritional experience which feeds heart, mind and soul.

The space I choose to create with my camera has a similar quality to it. Its a place of welcome where the nutritional value of the dialogue is often off the Richter scale. There is something very special about holding this space. Its got a sacredness to it. As if for a moment my camera captures the fire from the mythical dragon, the light from the stars or the roar of the lion as it wakens in our inner landscape.

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