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The Impact of Doing What You Love

I love knowing what makes people tick – specifically the bit where they make a creative leap – from Me!there to here. What goes on inside the brain, the mind, the imagination that takes one particular person to create a wood burning stove out of an empty calor gas cylinder and spare VW Beetle parts, for example? And what compels people to choose a business path which can be so much more challenging than a normal paid job?

People are extra-ordinary. Some people make it and some people don’t. Some people thrive, and others end up going back to what they knew before, tail between their legs.

I almost did just that with my video work.

Four and a half years of creating video for people to use on their websites. I bent over backwards to create what they wanted. But even though I felt I poured my heart in to the production, filming some wonderfully inspiring video interviews, the impact was a fizzle short of a box of fireworks. Sometimes my clients didn’t even put the videos on their websites and yet they’d paid reasonable money for them….well, okay I did do cut price deals a lot of the time. I began to believe I was obviously lacking in the video skills department and became resentful of my time and effort.

‘I’m going to stop doing video!’ I declared a few months ago after ruminating on all the above.

‘No!’ says my clear-headed friend David. ‘I think you just need to find your style.’

His words electrified me. I had always known what my style was, but Clients hadn’t seemed interested and I was so keen to get the work I didn’t argue.

In that moment my new style was born. All of a sudden I truly love what I’m creating. I have confidence in what I produce. And even though my interview technique is what it was before, now that it’s married with a look I love to create, the impact has gone through the roof. I don’t mind that my style is like Marmite, because I know when someone chooses to work with me, it’s because that’s the look and feel they want.

‘Wow” Is the feedback I receive now. Out of the blue I am being referred to others.

The difference between before and after? I now offer what I truly love creating and what I produce is a powerful reflection of that love. It has impact and that impact is rippling out.

Are you fully engaged with what you love in your work? Or could there be something that you haven’t noticed bleeding your passion and energy?

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