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Why Have Video on your Website and Social Media?

It’s a good question.

Another better question might be….

Why Hide Behind Your Text?

Because that’s really what you’re doing. You’re giving your prospective Clients a tougher job to decide between you and other people offering something similar.

Let me give you an example:

Imagine you’re doing an internet search on local dentists or veterinary surgeries. Most of them now have state of the art websites, great text to say how well they look after you or your pet, photo’s of their latest technology, maybe testimonials……

What if one of them had a video of the owner and some of the staff (if necessary) talking animatedly away to you on camera? You’d see their smile (hopefully), you’d get a sense of their passion, whether you’d feel at ease with this person, whether you can connect, and whether you’d trust them to put their fingers in your mouth or their hands in your dog.

They say that only about 20% of communication is done through your words – the other 80% is via your expression, body language and energy. Imagine how much less communication is done through the written word alone.

More and more people are looking for professionals who are open, transparent, authentic. Hard to do this with text only. The truth is they want to know you can be vulnerable and authentic so that they can be. So how are you letting them see the real you online?

Apparently you can anticipate up to 80% higher conversion rates when you have a great little intro video on your landing page, and 52x more chance of being picked up by a google search with a well SEO’d video on Youtube over a text based article on the same subject. So to me, its a no brainer. Video is an essential tool for any business which requires Clients and Customers.

The watchwords used to be location, location, location.

Surely now they have to be visibility, visibility, visibility…

And by that I mean not just being visible widely across the net but deeply in to your own heart and soul.

Now you know….now what?

Get that camera rolling!

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